Taryn Jang


Patrick Devitt

Taryn Jang and Patrick Devitt


Years before they started dating, Taryn and Patrick had several serendipitous encounters at UCLA alumni events which usually involved loud bars and ridiculous costumes. Patrick was still caught up in the craziness of business school and Taryn was unavailable at the time so these encounters never progressed past a quick hello and awkward smile.

Fast forward to 2017, Patrick learned through a mutual friend that Taryn was recently single and sprung at the opportunity to take her out to dinner. After sharing the typical first date dinner banter, the conversation turned to basketball. Patrick knew there was something special about Taryn when she proceeded to name the starting five of the 2003 Sacramento Kings.

Their relationship continued to blossom over the summer and fall when they became pretty much inseparable and made spontaneous trips to Disneyland after work, Salt & Straw every Sunday night and countless concerts all over LA. Taryn even got Patrick to go to Coachella with her (her 7th year in a row and his worst nightmare…).

Over the next two years, Taryn and Patrick went on many adventures and traveled the world together. On their Safari trip in South Africa, Patrick rented a manual-shift car (automatics are not available in Johannesburg). Little did Taryn know, Patrick had never really driven a manual-shift… Nonethless, they embarked upon a 5-hour road trip across South Africa, with limited cell reception. Aside from a few stall outs, they had an amazing adventure together. After this trip, they knew they were meant to be together.

On February 17th 2019, Patrick took Taryn on a scenic hike in Marin, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. At this beautiful vista, Patrick got down on one knee and asked Taryn to marry him.

We're thrilled to have you join us on our BIG DAY celebrating the formation of our married life together!
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